Juno Pinggam, popular in the Indian and International cosplay community as Hotaru Juno, has represented Word Cosplay Summit 2017 held in Nagayo, Japan. She has been cosplaying since 2012. She is also the founding member of Arunachal Cosplay Club (ACC).

Hotaro Juno is a cosplayer from Arunachal Pradesh. She is representing India at the ‘World Cosplay Summit 2017’. She said, “I cosplay because I love cosplaying!” then, she explained what she meant by ‘cosplay’ saying, “By ‘cosplay’, I mean crafting, making costumes, makeup and performing.”

Juno said, “Cosplay might be just a hobby to some but it helped me a lot”. Then she related to us her story of how cosplay helped her saying that back before she started cosplaying she was an anti-social person. People bullied her in the hostel, which led her to become an anti-social person. She could not communicate with anyone because she was shy and was short-tempered. “I literally had people, scared of me during my school days. Most of my relatives treated me like a useless person because I couldn’t socialize with them,” she said. She started cosplaying in 2012 with the help of her supportive mom.

Juno said that cosplay could help improve one’s skill in designing, sewing, crafting and much more. “Through cosplay, we can make friends like I did! I will always be thankful for cosplay,” says Juno.