Support Me


Cosplay is a passion that is undoubtedly very expensive: I am that kind of cosplayer who realizes their own costumes and points to the quality of each of them. To maintain a certain level you need to spend more money and time, than doing things “so much for”. Maybe you do not imagine the costs that every cosplayer holds from time to time, I list some of them:

  • fabrics and quality materials
  • Makeup: Eyeshadows, Eyelashes, False Eyelashes, Foundation, Powder, Corrector, Fixing, Stimulating, Lipsticks, Illuminating
  • Expensive shipping if you order online: for me, it is frequent because I do not live near well-stocked places
  • contact lenses (which have an expiration date) and wigs (with styling products)
  • transport: to reach the fair, location for photos or to buy materials/fabrics
  • craft tools: sewing machine, heat gun, flexible, glue, sandpaper, scissors, etc.
  • website: domain, storage space


If you want to support me economically, there are more alternatives, some of which with rewards

  • My Shop: here you can buy my autographed photos (also customized upon request). Photographers will also receive a portion of their earnings
  • Patreon: There are various economical levels, each with specific rewards, being renewed every month unless cancelled
  • Donation on PayPal
  • Wishlist: Items that will sooner or later have to buy, some are always stocked and others are specific to certain cosplay.


To help one’s hand is not always money, there are other ways to help me

  • Being a part of my social: comments, like, and most of all, sharing helps a lot!
  • If you want to see me at a fair you can ask my organizers for my presence as a guest. I have never been self-propelled all these years, but I very much accept invitations.